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Here goes...

Well. Here it is: My first blog post. 
I've been thinking of writing this for a while, in fact, I can pinpoint the moment I first thought about it...sat on a train from Birmingham to London on a cold, February afternoon.
I wanted a space I could write about my experiences of the last few years whilst *hopefully* providing something others can read and think “Oh, OK, I’m NOT alone!”
So, what’s in a name? There are a lot of blogs, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts out there dedicated to wellness, yoga, and mindfulness that I found myself in a spiral of feeling not good enough, not able to keep up with the latest ‘trend’ and feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed by the whole notion of ‘clean living’. Mind, Body & Gin is the antidote! I will attempt to delve into the issues we all may face with our mental and physical health, hopefully with some humour along the way!  

A bit about me:I'm Helen, a 31-year-old woman writing in Birmingham, UK. The last 3 years have see…